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Sun City Blazers
Sun City Blazers

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PostSubject: LEAGUE HISTORY   LEAGUE HISTORY Icon_minitimeThu Apr 09, 2009 8:26 am

The Sweaty Tackle Sunday League

Blood Bowl is considered to some as an over-the-top deadly sport that attracts bloodthirsty and mentally deranged types, and thats just the fans! The teams on the other hand are a whole new breed of violence, with little or no regard for life whatsover. Never has this been more true in the case of the teams of the Sweaty Tackle Sunday League. The majority of the teams and players have been expelled from higher divisions through one reason or another, and subsequently this was how the league was formed. Katchit Shaggit Eetit was the mastermind behind the league, if you could say such a thing about an Orc. He took it upon himself to sign the most extreme teams in the beautiful game and give them their own league, where the rules or lack of them suited their needs better. The teams in the league survive on a very small budget indeed but they remain purely for the love of the game and more importantly, the opportunity to smash an opposing teams face into the dirt repeatedly!

What does the future hold for an extreme league like this? No one truly knows. The only thing that is certain is that it WILL be bloody.
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