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PostSubject: GAME F.A.Q   GAME F.A.Q Icon_minitimeSun Apr 05, 2009 9:01 am

On what platforms will the game be available?
PC, Xbox 360, PSP, Nintendo DS. PlayStation 3 may be a possibility if the game sells well enough on all of the other platforms.

When will the game be released?
All platforms: June 2009
All platforms are supposed to release simultaneously

Will there be a demo of the game released and if so what will it contain?
There will certainly be a demo of the game; the content is not defined yet. Focus Home Interactive Interview

Will there be any cross-platform compatibility?

Will the PC version be available as a download?

Yes, there will be digital distribution.

What game modes will be available, and on which platforms?
Single player (vs. computer AI), hotseat (2 players from one system), and online multiplayer games will be available.

Turn-based: A faithful translation of the table-top board game using the current Living Rulebook version 5, without Special Play Cards (which are optional in the rulebook anyway). The following are all included in the initial release:

  • Bloodweiser Babes
  • Bribes
  • Extra Team Training
  • Halfling Master Chef
  • Mercenaries
  • Star Players
    o Griff Oberwald - Human
    o Varag Ghoul-Chewer - Orc
    o Grimm Ironjaw - Dwarf
    o Headsplitter - Skaven
    o Slibli - Lizardman
    o Ripper - Goblin
    o Jordell Freshbreeze - Wood Elf
    o Grashnak Blackhoof - Chaos
  • Wandering Apothecaries
  • Journeymen

PC: A live-action game in which you'll issue commands to different players on your team which causes the computer to carry out the action. There will be similarities to a previously released Cyanide game known as Chaos League.

Xbox 360: The format for the Xbox 360 will differ from that of the PC. As best I can tell, it will be more along the lines of a sports title like Madden as opposed to a real-time strategy game.

PC and Xbox360 will have both gameplay modes. PSP and Nintendo DS will only offer the turn-based mode. Storm

Which races will be available?
  • Chaos
  • Dwarves
  • Goblins
  • Humans
  • Lizardmen
  • Orcs
  • Skaven
  • Wood Elves

"6-8 others are due after release of the game."

Are any expansions planned?
"There is no plan for an expansion pack per se at the moment but additional content will be provided (yes, it means more races). Don't ask me more since it's months away and lots of things need to be sorted out first."

Will the game support hotseat mode (2 players playing from the same system)?
In turn-based mode, most probably.

Will there be a spectator mode?
No, at least not in the initial release.

Will there be a replay system?

Will kick-off events and weather be included?

Will mutations be visible on the player models?

Will the game track statistics?
Yes. Though exactly what will be tracked is yet to be determined.

What kind of league options are available?
  • The league structure is customizable
  • Some of the rules are customizable
  • There will be an opportunity to create private leagues
  • The stats and results will be run on Cyanide's servers (to reduce chances to hack your player's skills and XP )

Will there be online tournaments?
Yes. Tournaments will be free, and available in both modes (turn-based and real-time). These tournaments need to be organized by the community and there are a variety of options for the set-up of the leagues. That means that we will organize tournaments on some occasions but the main source of leagues will be you, the players.

Will a "premium" league be offered?
From Frank771 on the Cyanide forums:
How about a "premium" league also being available that's run by Cyanide or GW. Monthly or yearly subscription, controlled tracking of the games and leagues/teams as well as websites/portals.

Cyanide's response:
It's still on our minds. However, there are a lot of issues involved (some of which are mentioned above [in the thread] ) so we won't announce any official league for now.

Can a league team be used for friendly matches?
Yes, but your team won't gain any experience from the game.

Will leagues be ongoing and continuous?

Will League play be possible in Hotseat mode?
Not on the same machine. Leagues are Internet-based. It will offer both a public league (aka ladder) and a private leagues system (where group of friends will be able to create and administrate their own custom private leagues with their own rules). This is free.

Will teams be editable?
There is definitely a stat editor in the game. The only thing complicated for the community will be the modelling of new characters.

We just know we want to provide addtional races + an option to create your own ones. The 3D modeling and texturing will be tricky and don't expect us to provide more than import / export functions to use with a software like 3DStudio Max or Maya.

Will it be possible to use the existing models as a different team?
For example, use Chaos for Nurgle or Wood Elf for High Elf or Pro Elf?


It would appear that, even though the game ships with 8 races, you'll be able to dummy up the rest of the teams as long as the full compliment of skills is available. So even though the team may not look like High Elves, it will still play like High Elves. In this way, it might be possible to play all 21 official teams when the initial game ships, or any other team you can dream up, for that matter.

What kind of team customization will be possible?
You will be able to change the color of your team.

You will be able to change the look of your player's armor.

The extent to which you can do either of the above has not yet been provided.

Will the turn-based mode allow saves in the middle of the game?
Only at the end of turns.

Will the turn-based mode show the outcomes of every die roll?
Yes. You won't physically see dice tumbling across the screen, but you will see the value required to complete a particular action, and the result of the actual roll.

Will the turn-based mode have a play-by-email option?

Will "active pause" be available in real-time mode?
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